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New Brand Performance measurement for Automotive and Financial markets is ready to pick-up. Completely fresh and extremely efficient solution for your business tasks.

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Main Result: Brand Power Index

Brand Power Index is used as KPI to measure Brand Performance on the market in the U.S. Brand Power Index is based on the measurement of Five Key Indicators

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This is cost and time efficient way to receive expert level results with executive summary and recommendations about the Brand leverage, potentials and weaknesses


Unlimited Opportunities Main Results

We deliver Brand Performance measurement on Financial and Automotive markets.

We provide recommendations on Brand Leverage zones and opportunities to development and growth as well as we can catch a risky zones, that need an immediate attention to prevent bigger problems, that might happen later, when it will be hard to find the reason.

Anna Shteyngart

Wether it is a standard task or a new challenge we approach it with the same amount of attention and expertise, always trying to imagine ourselves in client shoes. This is why many clients call us their long-time partners, not just research providers.

Anna Shteyngart

Vice President, MARC North America

Over decades US car brands were leaders of their native market, however situation keeps changing drastically.

For example, Toyota is a winning brand and Honda is the brand that should be watched out by its competitors. These two alongside with expected “host” - Ford, can be called the strongest automotive brands, according to new Brand Power Monitor results for the first 6 months.

Chevy is on its way between market leaders and popular (but not yet winners) brands. Depends on its strategy it might have a chance to join leaders or go lower. Weakest points of this brand are power of turning knowledge into aspiration and gain popularity among customers and increase the number of promoters.

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Banks possess quite strong clientele base, however they all face challenge in making them happy about services they get. This is the situation when banks should always watch their back as any new player on the market who will be able to offer better conditions can be a factor of decrease.

Based on the results, six banks have better power over rest of the Financial market in the U.S.

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The study covers Automotive and Financial markets, with the capability to start the monitor of other markets within couple of days.

  • Target Audience: Male, Female, 18-75 yo, Past Week Users of the category
  • Geography: USA
  • Sample: 1000 interview, National Representative Sample
  • Data Collection Method: online

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performance of brands Brand Power Index

Being on the market for the past 20 years we found that there is more need from Brand Power Studies than simple knowledge and descriptive summaries about measurement results. Marketing teams in all companies would like to have recommendations how to leverage brand equity and strength to gain more market share, in other words to help company to find ways to sell and earn more.

Brand Power Index is used as KPI to measure Brand Performance on the market. 

Brand Power Index is based on the measurement of Five Key Indicators:


Brand promoters is the top gear that helps brand to utilize all its power and gets more strength and speed in growth 


Next level of brand power is it’s ability to convert usage into loyalty 

Power of Connection with the Brand

These three key metrics are what converts trademark into Brand

Power of Aspiration

How powerful is the brand based on the gap between who consider and those who actually use, the smaller the gap the better the brand is doing

Power of Awareness

The base of brand power is actual ability to convert those who know into those who want this brand

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$ 3,900 / report
  • Deep analysis of all KPIs for one brand and up to 5 competitors
  • Quarterly frequency
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For Brands not included into the project
$ 4,900 / Report
  • Includes: addition of new brand(s), sample increase per region of interest
  • Quarterly frequency
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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